Proven Ways to Increase Ecommerce Website Traffic

By mid-2022, the UK had an estimated 60 million online shoppers, which makes it the fourth-largest ecommerce market. So, you have a significant opportunity to make it big with an online store. Right now, you’ve been in business for a while and still struggle to maximise traffic to your website. Market competition is high. As […]

Ultimate Guide to Product Photography for your Ecommerce Business

62% of Consumers in six major countries, including the UK, are more likely to buy a product if they can see its pictures or videos. That shows product photography’s importance to ecommerce businesses.  The average customer purchases items based on the “seeing is believing” principle. That means they’ll only buy what they can see. As […]

Effective Ways to Retain Customers for Your Ecommerce Business

Would you rather have a customer purchase from you five times or have five different people patronise your business just once? Many people will choose the second option, which seems better at first glance. But as much as you may want to gain new customers for your ecommerce business, you need to work on retaining […]

Guide to Ecommerce Branding: Why You Need it and How to Do it

The global ecommerce industry has blossomed thanks to globalisation, internet development and a little push from the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, a dramatic shift has happened in online shopping volumes, with up to 5.2 million USD in sales globally. However, even with all these figures, most ecommerce startups (less than five years old) still […]

Angel Investors: Important Details Your Ecommerce Business Must Know and Prepare

Ecommerce has been around for a while, but it has never been as popular as it is currently. Now, at least 30% of the total retail transactions in the UK happen courtesy of ecommerce platforms.  What makes it even better is the ecommerce industry is constantly evolving thanks to daily improvements in the technology backing […]

Funding Alternatives for When the Bank Rejects Your Ecommerce Business

Here’s what to do next when the bank rejects your ecommerce company’s loan application You won’t always have all the cash you need at hand while running your ecommerce company. Sometimes, you’ll require more funding than you have at the time to keep the wheels turning.  That’s especially true if you have major plans and […]

Are Investors a Good Idea for My Ecommerce Business?

It’s always challenging to give up part of your brainchild regardless of the reason, especially if you never intended to do so from the onset.  That’s why many entrepreneurs have reservations about getting investors for their ecommerce businesses or outlets.  You may also be in this situation, feeling reluctant to part with part-ownership of your […]

Hacks to Make Your Ecommerce Business Attractive to Investors

The ecommerce retail landscape is constantly evolving, making new opportunities regularly spring up. The consistent evolution provides enabling situations for new businesses to spawn. At the same time, it incentivises startups to grow larger.  However, most ecommerce startups often face a particular challenge in their early stages —  lack of funds. Fortunately, the problem is […]

How to Increase Ecommerce Revenue with Minimum Effort: All Questions Answered

It’d be nice if you could flick your fingers to increase your ecommerce revenue with minimum or zero effort. Sadly, things don’t work that way, and you must do the work to make money.  But fortunately, the UK’s ecommerce business climate is currently quite favourable.  The early projections for 2022 by Statista expect ecommerce market […]

Key Factors that Drive Ecommerce Company Growth

The following factors combine to influence ecommerce company growth and drive revenue. Ecommerce is a fantastic innovation, rapidly revolutionising the value exchange industry. The sector’s growth in the past decade is nothing short of remarkable. Admittedly, it had a little help from the global lockdown that occurred during the 2020 coronavirus pandemic. The circumstances helped […]